The Consortium company METE S.p.A. was established on November 6th 2001, together with A.T.M. S.p.A. of Ravenna, CO.ERBus of Lugo, Cooperativa Trasporti di Riolo Terme (Cooperative Transport of Riolo Terme) and S.A.C. Società Autoservizi Cervesi di Cervia (Cervesi Bus Service Company of Cervia).

The company is involved in the transport of people, goods and documents (in any form, typology and mode) and, in any additional or complementary line of business related to mobility.


METE in a temporary joint venture with Setram Srl (Joint-Stock Company) of Forlì, participated in the tender called by the Local Mobility and Public Transport Agency of the Province of Ravenna for the assignation of local public transport services concerning the area. Following the award of contract and the signing of the relevant Service Contracts for the period 01.01.2005/14.04.2010, METE entrusted the venture enterprises with the management of the lines.

In 2005, first Setram and soon after Saces, joined the corporation of METE SpA, in which they acquired a shareholding. Later they merged with AVM SpA – Area Vasta Mobilità (Wide Area Mobility) (from April 2009). The validity of the contract was then extended to April 2013.

From 1st January 2012, Start Romagna SpA, owing to a merger, has incorporated ATM of Ravenna, AVM of Forlì-Cesena and TRAM Servizi of Rimini (which consequently ceased on 31/12/2011). Start Romagna has therefore succeeded to ATM and AVM in the management of local public transport services for the area of Ravenna.


  • urban public transport service in Ravenna, Faenza, Lugo, Riolo Terme;
  • public transport service for the coast of Ravenna;
  • suburban public transport service in the Province of Ravenna;
  • ferry service on the Candiano Channel between Porto Corsini and Marina di Ravenna.