Purchase from authomatic vending machines

Purchase tickets from authomatic vending machines on land and on board

In this section you can discover how and where to buy the Start Romagna tickets from authomatic vending machines.

AEP land vending machines


The AEP land vending machines, always available, are located in:

  • Rimini (Fermata Metromare Rimini Station)
  • Rimini (stazione FS Fiera di Rimini)
  • Rimini (Aeroporto)
  • Riccione (Fermata Metromare Ceccarini Riccione Station)

Function of AEP land vending machines:

  • ticket sale from 1 to 7 areas
  • multiticket sale 10 rides from 1 to 3 areas
  • Day Ticket sale from 2 to 5 areas
  • Romagna Smart Pass sale, 3 or 7 days

The AEP land vending machines accept payment with coins, cash (change is available), debit or credit card.

Xerox land vending machines

The Xerox land vending machines, always available, are located in:

  • Cesena Viale Carducci 5 (Barriera)
  • Forlì Piazzale Martiri d’Ungheria
  • Ravenna Piazza Farini (esterno Biglietteria)
  • Riccione Piazzale Curiel
  • Rimini Piazzale Cesare Battisti (Stazione FS)
  • Santarcangelo Portici del Municipio

Functions of Xerox land vending machines:

  • ticket sale from 1 to 7 areas
  • multiticket sale 10 rides from 1 to 3 areas
  • Day Ticket sale 1 area (only Ravenna and Cesena) or 2 areas
  • Romagna Smart Pass sale 3 days
  • renewal monthly seasonal ticket

The Xerox land authomatic vending machines accept payment with coins, notes (change is available) and debit card.

Others land authomatic vending machines


• Via Ponte Abbadesse in front of number 110 (near Graveyard)
• Viale della Resistenza (next to Ippodromo, 2 vending machines)
• Via Leopoldo Lucchi n° 135 (Montefiore area)

They sell tickets at 0,50 € for lines 4, 5, 6 in Cesena, valid all day long and without the need of validation.

Ferry authomatic vending machines

They are located near the ferry boarding areas (Porto Corsini and Marina di Ravenna), they sell tickets for people by foot or by bike, to use immediately. They accept coins and notes and change is available.

On-board vending machines
(Rimini area)

The new authomatic vending machines have the purpouse of integrate and partially to substitute the others machines already available on board, in order to support a regoular route by making easier for passengers to purchase their tickets.

This new vending machine is newer, easier and accepts the payment with debit or credit card (Visa – Mastercard – Maestro) in order to make the purchase easier also for tourists.

The bus ticket given from this vending machines is made of paper, very similar to the ticket released by the old models; on the ticket is reportedd the price (with extra charge), the validity areas, the date and time of the ticket release and the bus id number. The ticket does not need to be validated and we remember that there is an extra charge. Also this vending machines does not give change, just like the old model.


1-Zone Ticket2,00 €60 mins
2-Zone Ticket3,00 €75 mins
3-Zone Ticket4,00 €90 mins
4-Zone Ticket5,00 €105 mins
5-Zone Ticket6,00 €135 mins
Metromare 75 minutes2,50 €75 mins
Metromare 24h5,00 €24 hours

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Nel solo bacino di Rimini i biglietti di corsa semplice possono essere acquistati con sovrapprezzo sul bus utilizzando le emettitrici di bordo EMY.
L’acquisto può venire effettuato esclusivamente con monete, l’emettitrice di bordo non da resto.
Il biglietto non necessita di convalida.