Fares and Areas

Through the subdivision in areas of the regional territory, the fare of the travel is calculated based on the number of areas crossed in order to connect the starting point and the one of destination.
The area of local public transport of Start Romagna, in analogy with as much put into operation in other territories of the region, is subdivided into 84 areas.
The areas are coded with a numbering of three-figures which always starts with:

  • 7 as to the area of Ravenna
  • 8 as to the area of Forlì/Cesena
  • 9 as to the area of Rimini

Each of the stops’ ranging rods placed on the territory, shows indications of the area in which the stop is located, so that the user may easily check his/her own starting point as well as the arrival one (destination stop).

A few simple rules

The new fares based on the areas go by a few simple rules that are valid for all three areas and all Start Romagna travel tickets (single tickets, multiple rides, monthly and yearly passes).

  • Each time a customer purchases a travel ticket, he/she must clearly know which is the starting point and the one of arrival of his/her own travel.
  • If in order to reach the arrival point it is necessary to transit through other areas, the fare must be calculated by counting the areas crossed, including the starting and arrival points.
  • The so-called “neutral” area is not included in the calculation of fares.
  • If in order to calculate the starting point with the arrival point there are alternative routes that go through a number of different areas, the applied fare will be the corresponding one to the shortest route, but the travel ticket will also be valid for the longest route (in other words, for a greater number of areas as to the ones marked on the travel ticket).
  • In the starting point and in the arrival point, the customer may freely travel by using any kind of service (urban, coastline, suburban), within validity time of the travel ticket, as long as the route is entirely included in such areas.
  • As to time tickets, besides the number of areas crossed, it is the time validity of the travel ticket that must be considered: in general, the higher the number of areas crossed, the more time you will have at your disposal to end your travel. On single tickets and multiple rides, time validity is marked in the front of the travel ticket.