StarTap – user guide

StarTap is the payment mode, active on all Start Romagna buses, which allows the purchase of a ticket on board without an additional fee by using contactless credit, debit, or virtualized cards on smartphones and smartwatches, using the new emerald green onboard validator with EMV technology.

With StarTap, your card becomes your bus ticket!

How to use it?

1. Approach the green validator, near the symbol img_contactless, a contactless credit, debit, or prepaid card, or bring your smartphone/smartwatch close. Note: One card can be used to purchase a ticket for only one passenger.

2. On the validator’s touch screen, select the type of ticket for 1, 2, 3, or 4 (or more) zones. If you are not sure about which ticket you need for your journey, click here.

3. If the purchase process is successful, the validator will display a green confirmation symbol and emit a beep sound. The system does not provide a receipt. If the validator doesn’t show the confirmation symbol and doesn’t beep, you should repeat the purchase process from step 1.

4. The system does not allow the purchase of multiple tickets simultaneously using the same physical card. Virtualized cards are considered separate from the physical card they originate from. Therefore, it’s possible to make multiple payments using a single virtualized card on different devices. For example, the same card can be used simultaneously on a smartphone, a smartwatch, and physically, allowing the purchase of three tickets.

The system automatically assigns the customer the best available fare between a single ride and a daily ticket based on the usage performed.

1 ZONE1,50 €60 min3,00 € from 3° tap
2 ZONES2,50 €75 min
3 ZONES3,50 €90 min
4 OR MORE ZONES4,80 €135 min8,00 € from 2° tap

Useful informations

  • The system supports contactless cards from VISA, VPAY, MASTERCARD, and MAESTRO networks.
  • With StarTap, there is no additional fee, but the system requires a preauthorization for MASTERCARD cards amounting to €1.30 and for MAESTRO cards amounting to €12. This preauthorization DOES NOT correspond to the payment for the ticket, which occurs later and only for the amount actually due.
  • By clicking “info” and then approaching the card, the system provides all the necessary information, including the validation time and the number associated with your card, with some digits hidden for security reasons.
  • For credit cards, in case of inspection, it is sufficient to communicate the last 4 digits of the 16-digit number. For other types of cards like debit cards, smartwatches, and smartphones, the system associates another 16-digit number that can be displayed, also with some digits hidden for security, by clicking the info button.
  • If you approach the card again after the payment has been made, the system will not charge you for another ticket.
  • Every time you change the mode of transportation, it is necessary to perform the “tap” and select the same ticket using the same payment method used previously. If the first tap was for the purchase of a three-zone ticket with a smartphone, then the transfer tap must also be for a three-zone ticket purchased with a smartphone. The system will only charge a new ticket upon the expiration of the time validity of the previously purchased ticket.

For FAQ and more informations check the dedicated page StarTap