Ravenna, the city of mosaics, it’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Where it is located

Ravenna is located in the North-East of mainland Italy, a few kilometres from the Adriatic Sea. Its province constitutes the northern part of Italy and it stretches from the sea to the gentle hills of the Apeninnes.

The reasons for visiting it

The city has very old origins and a glorious past which nominated it capital for three times: of the Western Roman Empire, of the Theodoric Germano-Roman Reign and in the end, seat of the Byzantium power in the West through the Exarchate. Being considered the city of mosaics, it keeps treasures which represent a few of the most important moments concerning history of art.

Eight monuments of Ravenna, above them all San Vitale and the Galla Placidia mausoleum, keep the richest mosaic world heritage which traces back to the fifth and sixth century. There are many museums, among which the MAR – Museum of art that proposes high-profile periodic exhibitions and hosts various permanent collections; TAMO, in the Building Complex of San Nicolò, hosts a permanent archaeological exhibition as well as others; the National Museum of Ravenna that exhibits a variegated number of collections, among which archaeological roman and byzantine era finds.

Ravenna and the sea

Ravenna is not only a city of art but it’s also a sea town: with its nine lidos and its coast which stretches for 35 kilometres, it offers an amazing number of occasions which make it complete for tourists that choose it as their ideal holiday stays.

On the beaches of Ravenna there are nine tourist seaside resorts that can satisfy any need for a pleasing and gratifying holiday.

Starting from north: Casalborsetti that once was a small fishing village, keeps a small harbour for little boats and boasts a big camper area and camping site.

Just a few kilometres away, there is Marina Romea with its small harbour on the mouth of the river Lamone. It distinguishes itself for the environment in which it stands: the gorgeous pinewood in which it’s immersed and stretches out to the beach.

Porto Corsini, perfect for those who like practising outdoor sports, with a surfing school and inland horse rides. Even the boats going to Croatia leave from this lido. Furthermore, the new Cruise Terminal is the facility that made it possible for Ravenna to become one of the most important cruise destinations in Italy.

Marina di Ravenna is a trendy resort, it welcomes tourists with a considerable range of services, it proposes various clubs and entertainment also for the youngest.  

Punta Marina Terme is known for its famous spa located on the beach, it offers considerable relief with its various treatments.

Lido Adriano has the greatest number of foreign tourists, above all German and English. 

Immersed in its uncontaminated nature,the beach of Lido di Dante stretches out to the mouth of the stream of Bevano, where the presence of the dunes and of the Classe pinewood make it a place that is truly full of charm.

Lido di Classe, which is also surrounded by the historic pinewood, with shaded cycle paths, it’s the perfect place for families and for those who search for true relaxation.

And finally, Lido di Savio: a well equipped horse centre, tennis courts and various sports facilities make it the ideal centre for fitness lovers and sports in general.