The Province of Forlì and Cesena boasts old traditions that are handed down to the present days, as well as a rich history of important cultural and artistic events.

The province of Forlì Cesena stretches from the Adriatic Coasts to the inland where the two provincial capital cities stand. They are geographically divided but share the same rich territory.

Where it is located

The city is located on the eastern side of the Po Valley, along the Via Emilia, a few kilometres from the seaside resorts of the Adriatic Riviera (km 30-35) and at the feet of the green hills of the Tosco-Romagnolo (Tuscany-Romagna) Apennines.

The reasons for visiting it

In the heart of Romagna, lies on the Via Emilia, a quiet city, an exciting cultural and commercial centre, where the love for one’s own land finds fulfilment in the high living standards.

A city that has always had considerable attention for culture, history and tradition. Forlì, the Seat of an important University centre, distinguishes itself for its numerous museums, among which the Museo Civico Archeologico Antonio Santarelli (Civic-Archaeological Museum), the Pinacoteca Civica (Civic Picture Gallery) and the Museo Romagnolo del Teatro (Theatre Museum of Romagna). It’s close to important medieval small villages such as Bertinoro and Predappio and, it’s known for the spas and the good wine Sangiovese DOC.

When it’s best to visit

Forlì is a destination that is possible to go to all year round. In the summer and in particular during the “Piazze d’Estate” show (Squares in the Summer), the city gives life to numerous cultural activities which make it possible to live the historic centre by having access to places that aren’t normally possible to visit, as well as enhance the artistic beauties, even in the most unknown spots of the city.

How to get there

The city borders the town of Forlimpopoli to the south-east, the town of Faenza to the north and the towns of Castrocaro Terme and Terra del sole to the west.

Forlì is served by a railway station through the railway line Bologna-Ancona and by convenient bus services that connect it to all the surrounding centres and beaches of the Adriatic Riviera, starting from the Punto Bus next to the FS Railway Station (Italian Railway Station).
By car, the city can be reached by driving along the motorway A14 (Forlì exit) or through the A-road 9 - Via Emilia.

Fairs and Events

The Fair of Forlì is constituted by a stronghold of multipurpose structures, ideal for hosting company events, promotions and shows such as fairs, sporting events with large attendance, niche meetings and seminars, art exhibitions and company happenings.

This flexible and at all times efficient area is provided with the most modern services, since it’s the year round location for important International fairs. Its position near major arterial routes, two minutes from the motorway tollgate A14, the spacious car parks and considerable number of hotels, make the Fair of Forlì a preferential place and way for broadening and giving prominence to any kind of event.