New Tickets for all the Start Romagna areas

Start Romagna tickets

Effective from June, 1st 2018

It’s important to know that the new travel tickets must always be validated in the new validating machines every time one gets on board and, at any change of mean of transport. The second validation will for the time being only have a statistic value and the travel ticket will remain into effect until its validity date.

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Single ride ticket

They allow you to travel on board of more than one mean of transport in the area marked on the ticket. They must be validated as you get on board in the provided validating machine. The time limit of the travel is marked in minutes next to the sign (clock) and it will start from validation time (printed on the back by the validating machine).

Single ride ticket

Single ride ticket for Rimini urban area


From June 2018 is on sale the new single journey bus ticket for the urban area of Rimini, it costs € 1,50 and is valid for 75 minutes after it has been stamped. It’s required to travel between the five Rimini’s urban zones (900 - 951 - 952 - 953 - 954). Read more in this page.

Each area has a different colour in order to distinguish tickets at first glance. Follow the colour and find your areas!

  • 1 Area
  • 2 Areas
  • 3 Areas
  • 4 Areas
  • 5 Areas
  • 6 Areas
  • 7 Areas
  • 1 Area Rimini

Fare Table Single Ride Ticket

Ticket 1 Area60 min€ 1,30
Ticket 1 Area Rimini75 min€ 1,50
Ticket 2 Areas75 min€ 2,10
Ticket 3 Areas90 min€ 2,90
Ticket 4 Areas105 min€ 3,70
Ticket 5 Areas135 min€ 4,50
Ticket 6 Areas150 min€ 5,10
Ticket 7 Areas165 min€ 5,70

Single ride tickets with an extra charge

Single ride tickets with an extra charge can be purchased on board by the bus driver and at the ticket machines on board, if present. They allow you to travel with all means of transport within the areas marked on the ticket. They must be validated as you get on board in the provided validating machine.

Fare Table Single ride tickets with an extra charge

Ticket 1 Area60 min€ 2,00
Ticket 2 Areas75 min€ 3,00
Ticket 3 Areas90 min€ 4,00
Ticket 4 Areas105 min€ 5,00
Ticket 5 Areas or more135 min€ 6,00

Multiple Rides Tickets (10-journey Ticket)

Multiple rides tickets (10 journey ticket)

New multi-journey ticket, called Carnet 10 corse, it’s a magnetic stripe ticket valid for 10 journeys and it can be used by several people at once, validating the ticket for each person, maximum 7 contemporary validations. With the validation, your ticket will be printed with date, time, zone and number of the bus. This allows you to check immediately both the residual minutes of your ride and also the remaining journeys, and it’s useful in case of an inspection of authorised staff. 10-journey ticket allows you to travel on several bus lines within validity time of the travel ticket, as long as the route is entirely included in such areas. The ticket must be validated each time you change the bus line, no more journey will be payed and beside the validation will be printed a letter "C". The 10-journey ticket is available from 1 to 5 zone.

Carnet 1 Zone (10 journeys)60 minutes each one€ 12,00
Carnet 2 Zones (10 journeys)75 minutes each one€ 18,00
Carnet 3 Zones (10 journeys)90 minutes each one€ 24,00
Carnet 4 Zones (10 journeys)105 minutes each one€ 30,00
Carnet 5 Zones (10 journeys)135 minutes each one€ 34,00

Old multi-journey tickets can be used until stocks run out.

Daily Tickets Day Ticket

Valid 24 hours from the moment of validation (time printed on the back from the validating machine) within the areas shown on the ticket (see the example here below). Day Ticket 24 hours makes it easier to travel and is more convenient compared to the purchase of two hour-tickets starting from the 3rd area. To be valid, Day Ticket must be filled in by the user, who has to write the starting area number, as well as the destination area one.

Daily ticket Day Ticket

Fare Table Day Ticket

Ticket 1 Area*€ 3,00
Ticket 2 Areas€ 4,50
Ticket 3 Areas€ 5,50
Ticket 4 Areas€ 6,50
Ticket 5 Areas€ 7,50

* The 1 area Day Ticket is not valid for the Rimini area, use the 2 areas Day Ticket (€ 4.50).

Romagna SmartPass

Romagna SmartPass covers the territory of the 3 provinces of Romagna (Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini) with a single ticket valid for 3 days (€11) or 7 days (€22), with the freedom to board from any stop and for any destination on the network.
Romagna SmartPass must be validated on the first trip using the appropriate validating machines and from then on, depending on the solution chosen, it is valid for the next 3 days (72 hours) or 7 days (168 hours) on the entire Start Romagna network.
If you purchase Romagna SmartPass via the smartphone apps DropTicket and myCicero, the ticket is valid 3 days or 7 days including the validation day.
With Romagna SmartPass you have the opportunity to access the most beautiful places of interest and entertainment in the area (such as museums, theme parks and spas) at discounted rates: discover the complete list of partners by consulting the Conventions section of this site.

Biglietti SmartPass

Romagna SmartPass fares

3 Days ticket€ 11,00
7 Days ticket€ 22,00

Ticket validation

How to validate a bus ticket

Ticket must be validated as you get on board in the provided validating machine. Irregular use and / or ticket counterfeiting is punishable by law.