Start, the great new world of public transport in Romagna.

START ROMAGNA is the public transport company located in Romagna with which have merged three memorable Companies in transport management.

Our past

  • 4 novembre 2009

    Primo atto di costituzione della Holding che unisce le tre aziende storiche del trasporto romagnolo.

    30 luglio 2010

    La Holding si amplia con l’ingresso anche degli enti soci provenienti dai tre bacini di trasporto della Romagna.

  • 28 settembre 2011

    The merger deed is signed. START ROMAGNA is the new public transport Company located in Romagna.

    31 dicembre 2011

    The START ROMAGNA merger process closed. Since 1st January 2012, for all practical purposes, START ROMAGNA is the local public transport company in Romagna.

  • 22 ottobre 2012

    Approved by the Members’ Meeting the underwriting of ex-TPER road branch in the surrounding area of Rimini. START ROMAGNA strengthens and together with SETA and TPER it’s one of three regional participant macro companies that manage public transport service.