We commit ourselves to guaranteeing the broadest and clearest information regarding local public transport, in order to encourage and make service easier.

With the passing of time we have designed structured information and contact with the public that makes the most of traditional channels (paper timetable booklets, information at bus stops, public counters), as well as modern means of electronic communication and computer science (call centers, website, social networks, variable message poles).

Information for Customers

Clear and timely information makes mobility services more accessible for customers. One of the Start main tasks is to timely inform the public as to routes and timetables, fares and promotions, temporary changes and travel regulations, as a preferential mean in order to make it easier for the ever-increasing segments of citizens to access service.

The company uses a structured information system that comprises various integrated forms:

  • Information points (Bus Points, information bureaus, call centers);
  • Information sign systems (intelligent poles, timetables and information at bus stops and inside buses);
  • Printed information (mobility cards, timetable booklets, maps, fares, brochures);
  • The website;
  • Social networks.

In particular, specific information campaigns are carried out when new transport services start off or when there are special promotional initiatives regarding tickets and passes.

Institutional Campaigns

Start Romagna communicates with a gentle, ductile and organic institutional action format, both with users and internal staff.

TV Spot

A dynamic spot made inside a bus in motion. Teamwork enjoyment and participation.

Romagna SmartPass

Campagna illustrativa dei titoli di viaggio validi su tutta la rete Start Romagna, con tariffe agevolate ai più bei luoghi di interesse e divertimento del territorio.

Guida al viaggio

Una guida illustrata alla programmazione del viaggio ed alle sue regole, le zone tariffarie e la bigliettazione con smartphone.

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